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5 Homemade Holiday Gifts for Coffee Addicts

Nothing is quite as thoughtful as a homemade holiday gift —no, seriously. No amount of money spent on a store-bought gift can really compare to the feeling of receiving something you know someone put in time and effort making specifically for you. For coffee addicts, those homemade gifts should absolutely involve coffee. If you're looking to make the special coffee addicts in your life feel extra special this holiday season, here are five homemade holiday gifts you can make.

1.Espresso Energy Bites Nothing says, "Love you the most" like making someone something that tastes like dessert but is actually pretty good for them. These lil' guys are like peanut butter cookie balls, but they're totally healthy. Plus, they're no-bake, so they're hard to mess up. ;)

2. Caffeinated Overnight Oats Have your cake, and eat it too. Have your coffee, and eat it too. Prep a couple of different jars of caffeinated overnight oats, and tell your friend you're hooking them up with both coffee AND breakfast for the next couple of days.

3. Toasted-Coffee Chocolate Granola Coffee and chocolate: a legitimate match made in heaven. This granola recipe won't even take you 20 minutes to make, but it'll give the receiver an entire cast iron full. Granola. For. Days — like the gift that'll keep on giving.

4. Inside Out Espresso Peanut Butter Cups Sorry, Reese's who? Although these are a bit more complicated than the other recipes, they're totally worth it, especially if your friend loves peanut butter.

5. Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookies Make these for someone, taste one, and then ask yourself why there hasn't been ground coffee in cookie batter all along. Although there's definitely not enough espresso in these guys to actually keep you going for the day, the name ate least makes it feel like you now have a legit excuse to eat cookies for breakfast. Whether you're now thinking of making one of these for the coffee addict in your life, or you're feeling and ambitious and want to make a coffee care package of sorts using all five, we can guarantee whoever's receiving it will be insanely thankful. Homemade gifts are just better, friends! Don't forget it this holiday season.