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HiLine Coffee's mission is to provide the highest quality coffee for single-serve coffee makers. While many people have access to high-end specialty cafes where they can get premium freshly roasted coffee, getting the same quality at home historically meant owning a grinder and manual coffee maker. HiLine set out to change that. We were inspired by the best third-wave coffee companies, like Blue Bottle Coffee, and we strive to deliver the freshest coffee. We roast highest quality beans, pack them into various single-serve packaging and deliver it to you directly without going through lengthy retail distribution. The result is the freshest coffee available for single-serve brewers. Our products include Pods for Keurig, Alternative Nespresso Pods, as well as ground coffee packs for use with French Press, AeroPress, Chemex, Moka Pot, Pourover and other coffee makers.

Alternative to Nespresso CapsulesWe believe Nespresso manufactures some of the best single-serve coffee machines. And we really like their coffee! Being Nespresso coffee addicts, we developed a few delicious blends and packaged them into our alternative to Nespresso capsules and Nespresso cups. When we shared our product with friends, they absolutely loved it! We knew we were onto something special, so we founded HiLine Coffee Company to share our alternative to Nespresso coffee capsules with the world and introduce our alternative to the Nespresso Club. You can buy our pods without joining the club!

Our alternative to Nespresso capsules and Nespresso coffee pods can be purchased on our website. Some people ask what is the best Nespresso machine? To read about our favorites, read our Nespresso reviews, including Nespresso Vertuoline Review. You can also check out nespresso nyc boutiques, where knowledgeable salespeople can showcase various machines. Keep in mind that all Nespresso machines have the same internal heat pump mechanism that produces 19 bars of pressure. The differences are largely in appearance, the capsule puncturing system and the presence or lack of a milk frother. We're also excited about Keurig single cup coffee makers and invite you to check out our alternative to Keurig K Cups. Also, please check out our coffee beans and French Press coffee, coffee subscription and coffee of the month club products.

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