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Works with all machines even those bought after November 1 2013


Need help deciding what coffee to order? Check out our Blends Guide.

Our coffee capsules are designed to be compatible with your Nespresso machine. To enjoy our great tasting coffee simply insert the capsule into your Nespresso machine just as you normally would with a Nespresso capsule. Besides being compatible, here are five more reasons to love HiLine Coffee.

  • Delicious Espresso Shots! We offer excellent tasting coffee in every capsule. All of our blends have been meticulously crafted by coffee connoisseurs. We use only the finest coffee beans from around the world, carefully roast them to perfection, then grind and package them immediately to ensure a rich satisfying coffee experience. Produced in small batches, each batch is tested for taste, aroma, caffeine and color and all our capsules are Kosher certified.

  • More Choice – More Freedom! HiLine Coffee offers an exciting alternative to familiar old Nespresso capsules. We believe you should have the freedom to enjoy a variety of new espresso capsules and not be held captive to the Nespresso monopoly.

  • Save over 20% and get free shipping! HiLine's blends start at prices below 50 cents a capsule compared to 65 cents for Nespresso, representing a savings of over 20%. Shipping is only $5.00 and when you order fifteen or more packs at a time you will receive the additional benefit of free shipping.

  • Enjoyment guaranteed: no hassle returns! If you don’t love HiLine coffee as much as we do, just let us know. We will send you a prepaid return shipping label and refund your full purchase price plus the cost of standard shipping charges you may have paid.  No hassles – just great coffee!

  • Based in New York City! We are a locally owned small business not a big foreign multi-national conglomerate. We care about great coffee, great value and supporting our local community. We’re committed to selling the best tasting coffee at an honest price and providing great personal service.

HiLine Coffee capsules work on most Nespresso machines, including Citiz, Essenza, Lattissima, Maestria, U, Le Cube and Pixie. Please note that the Nespresso pods alternatives from HiLine Coffee, with the exception of Greenwich Dark Roast and Grand Central Medium Roast are currently not compatible with U machines and Pixie machines purchased after November 1, 2013.

Nespresso Capsules AlternativeWe believe Nespresso manufactures the best single-serve coffee machines. And we really like their coffee! Being Nespresso coffee addicts, we developed a few premium blends and packaged them into compatible Nespresso cups.  When we shared our product with our friends, they absolutely loved it!  We knew we were onto something special so we founded HiLine Coffee Company to share our Nespresso coffee capsules alternative that we created with the world and introduce our alternative to the Nespresso Club.

Our compatible alternative to nespresso coffee pods can be purchased on our website. Some people ask what is the best nespresso machine? To read about our favorites, read our nespresso reviews. You can also check out nespresso nyc boutiques, where knowledgeable salespeople can showcase various machines. Keep in mind that all nespresso machines have the same internal heat pump mechanism that produces 19 bars of pressure. The differences are largely in appearance, the capsule puncturing mechanism and the presence or lack of a milk frother. Check out our Nespresso Vertuoline Review.

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