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How to Reuse your Coffee Grounds

We absolutely love chatting about how to reuse your coffee grounds. As a brand that sells endless coffee that is used to brew delicious homemade cups we like to inform you about what you can do after you brew. We like out coffee to work hard for you!
  1. To start. Raise your hand of you currently compost. Composting is the art of turning natural waste into a rich soil. YES you can use coffee grounds in your compost! Coffee grounds actually help in a few ways. They can help as a pH stabilizer. When a compost has the proper pH levels it is known to break down quickly and evenly. On a lighter notes, coffee grounds help with the overall smell of the compost!
  2. While most people use baking soda to work on the smell of a cabinet or refrigerator, coffee grounds work too! Coffee grounds are known to be able to absorb strong odors. Once you brew, let your grounds dry out. You can add wrap them up in a cheese cloth and sit them in either spot. Not only do they help omit odor they leave a nice scent. That is, if you like coffee.
  3. Self care! The grounds are an amazing natural exfoliant. The grounds can be added to a face mask, body scrub or even a lip scrub. One of our favorite ways to use leftover coffee grounds is as a hand odor eliminator. As people who like to cook, we know the feeling of being left with garlic stained finger tips -- use coffee grounds!
  4. Baking. Baking is one of our favorites ways to show how to use coffee grounds. Or how to reuse leftover coffee! We've made Energy Bites which were a team favorite!
Check out this list of how to reuse your coffee grounds read here!