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Coffee Review Reviews HiLine's Fifth Ave K-Cup Capsule

Coffee roasting is a bit like parenting. We like all our roasts equally, whether it's our Stock Exchange Dark Roast for Keurig, our Liberty Lungo pods for Nespresso, our Tribeca Medium Roast custom-ground single-serve coffee packs, or our whole Flatiron beans.

But just like parents, we can't help but be proud when someone sits up and takes notice of our "offspring." We put a lot of time and love into roasting great coffee. And when the likes of restaurateur Anthony Hoy Fong says that HiLine "rivals some of the best coffee I've had in Michelin starred restaurants and in cafes of Rome and Paris" and Michelin chef Matt Lambert enthuses that "I can have an espresso at home that tastes great with out having to line up and wait at a coffee shop," we admit that we feel a little swell of pride. After all, seeing someone else find the same joy in our coffee that we do is kind of a big deal.*

So you can imagine how we felt when we read a just-posted (February, 2015) review on Coffee Review of our Fifth Avenue Medium Roast K-Cups. Reviewer Kenneth Davids (sometimes referred to as the Robert Parker of coffee) gave it 88 points -- the highest score for a K-Cup, tied only by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters' Sumatran Reserve Extra Bold K-Cup and Sancoffee's Taitung Guanshan Lot 12 Single-Serve Capsule.

In a blind taste test, Davids called the Fifth Avenue Medium Roast "gently brisk," noting its "uietly balanced acidity," its "lively mouthfeel," and its "crisply delicate, clean finish." We couldn't agree more (and if this is our report card, we'll gladly put it on the office refrigerator).

You can read the rest of Kenneth Davids' review on Naturally, we'd suggest you do it over a fresh cup of Fifth Avenue Medium Roast and compare notes with Mr. Davids. But we'd be just as pleased to offer one of our other coffees. After all, we take pride in all of them. *See what others have said here: