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hiline reviews

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When I need to get a boost for a chaotic day, my go to is HiLine Coffee, it’s delicious and convenient. I can have an espresso at home that tastes great with out having to line up and wait at a coffee shop!

Matt Lambert

Michelin Chef

As a chef who travels the country opening restaurants and cooking for high-profile clients of the most discerning taste, I’m always on the look out for exciting new products of the highest quality. HiLine coffee is a premium coffee product that rivals some of the best coffee I’ve had in Michelin starred restaurants and in cafes of Rome and Paris. It’s a unique, hip, NY-centric alternative to existing coffee systems currently on the market and as a chef that’s always exciting to find.

Anthony Hoy Fong


I had two servings of my HiLine Wall Street espresso this morning when I arrived at my desk – a delicious start to my day. As I pushed forward I moved uptown with a taste of Times Square with before lunch and a late afternoon visit to the United Nations (decaf) for a meeting with a colleague before I headed home. HiLine coffee is a great NYC experience and brand that everyone in our office loves.

Matthew O’Neil

Emmy Award Winner

Coffee is a great addition to any serious fitness routine. HiLine’s fresh pods are a fantastic source of caffeine and antioxidants.

Serge Maluga

Fitness Coach

HiLine Coffee represents all the qualities of a modern premium brand: no non-sense marketing, best quality product, simple design, and fair accessible price point. Definitively a brand you should know if you love coffee.

Jorge Casano

Founder and CEO, Ecole

Like any young business, our employees are rampant coffee addicts, well-adapted to the rote consumption of typical single-brew instant coffee systems; however, these daily doses of caffeine typically lend their popularity to convenience, not quality. The introduction of HiLine’s product line to our office was a big hit – no longer forcing our employees to choose between a cup of coffee that was accessible and a cup that was enjoyable. The local coffee chains, no doubt, will not be as appreciative.

Chris Maltibe

Office Manager, Tough Mudder

I introduced my team to HiLine Coffee, and after an initial surprise, they liked it! Most of us have been ordering the Times Square Dark variety – a quick consensus, for once!

Vitali Edrenkine

Senior Director, Chief of Staff to the Chief Revenue Officer, Rackspace

We have it at our office now, Love it. Definitely a no brainer versus Nespresso.

Nick Taranto

Co-Founder & CEO, Plated

Living in NYC, my colleagues and I are all fans of “good” coffee. The standard fare served by our cafeteria just will not do, and so we frequently make outings to the local coffee shop. But now we have a fix in-house. We all love the HiLine coffee selections, and find ourselves getting our caffeine fix right down the hall.

Jennifer Berrent

Partner, Wilmer Hale

We already were using a Nespresso machine and were excited to find out there was a boutique local provider so thought we’d try HiLine Coffee to compare. We found our team really preferred HiLine Coffee to actual Nespresso! Their great service and being New York origin made it a no brainer to switch.

Aaron Henshaw

Co-Founder, Grand St

Being a boutique chocolate company with our factory in Brooklyn, we are naturally inclined to be very fussy when it comes to our coffee too. As such, we were surprised and very impressed when we tried HiLine Coffee. This stuff is about as good as you can get without going to a great cafe!

Anthony Cirone

President, Li-Lac

With an energetic, bustling office, coffee is key to our team’s happiness and productivity, as such we had a high end solution in place with a Jura espresso machine. We were therefore quite surprised at how popular having HiLine coffee as an alternative was. People love how it creates such consistently great coffee! Our team particularly enjoys the Brooklyn blend.

Stefanie Maccarone

Office Manager, 9mm

The Citi Bike office has truly been enjoying our new Nespresso Machine! We’ve had a lot of real-coffee lovers on our staff, quite thankful to have a flavorful alternative to the regular cup-o-joe we regularly have on hand in our kitchen. We also have some staff who never had tried Espresso before, they tried HiLine, and now they are totally loving it! A warm perfect treat for our office during this chilly time of year too! At first I was slightly apprehensive about plastic waste from the coffee ‘pods’, but the fact that they are 100% recyclable, makes me incredibly happy and feel comfortable with having this type of machine in our Earth friendly office. A welcome addition to our office beverage treats!

Justin Salsberg

Office Manager, Citi Bike

Everyone here at Paddle8 loves HiLine’s espresso – especially the Wall Street. Having HiLine’s coffee in the office is delicious, really convenient, and turns our productivity up to 11!

Tim Thorpe

Senior Developer, Paddle8

We’re excited to see HiLine Coffee create local products to compete against a massive brand. We love supporting local coffee roasters so we’re glad we can now provide high quality HiLine Coffee through our existing Nespresso machine.

Brittany Laughlin

General Manager, USV

I love the convenience and consistent quality of HiLine Coffee. It’s great that their customer service is just as good as their coffee!

Alek Vernitski

Co-Founder & CEO, Get Going

As we endeavor to better our stakeholders, every day, HiLine Coffee offers an outstanding experience and serves as an inimitable ritual to our associates and others.

Andrew Addis

VP, Addis Group

As an expert curator of authentic food and drink from around the world, Try The World is quite impressed by the effort Hiline coffee put in souring the best beans and deliver the freshest delicious coffee right to your house.

Try The World

Try The World

HiLine espresso is really, really wonderful. I’ve developed a few favorites (the Central Park and Liberty dark roasts).

The Kitchn

The Kitchn

My favorite, and my sister’s favorite, turned out to be the Broadway dark roast espresso. It’s bold and full bodied, with a medium acidity.

A Farmgirl’s Dabbles

A Farmgirl’s Dabbles

I have been reviewing single serve coffee’s for quite sometime and I can honestly say this is one of the best I have ever tasted in this price range.

Coffee Cup News

Coffee Cup News

The floral, cocoa and crisply sweet citrus character of a classic Yirgacheffe at a very good price.

Ken Davids

Author & Co-Founder, Coffee Review