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Coffee & Chocolate – The Dynamic Duo?

coffee and chocolate

We all know it to be true. Don’t we. We wanted to dive into the best ways to help enhance both flavors of coffee & chocolate. So we started by reading up on it. We read on The Kitchn that, “Maybe it’s because coffee and chocolate share many of the same flavor characteristics, and coffee amplifies some of the darker taste elements in the chocolate”. That gave us some insight as to why we live and die to add chocolate to our coffee lately. This is how we do it.

  1. Chocolate Lattes. We talk about these recipes all the time. There are so many fun ways to jazz of a latte. We even went a little coffee & chocolate crazy when we made our Samoa Latte. This not only includes chocolate but all of our favorite cookies ingredients too. For this recipes we used our Sea Salt Caramel Nespresso pods as the base sine Samoa’s have caramel but if you are that chocolate obsessed you can use our Mocha pods!
  2. One of our top performing dessert recipe happens to be an Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookie! By the name alone you can tell we are on a roll. These cookies are a perfect middle ground of espresso notes and chocolate. If you are a chocolate lover and need your caffeine dose look no farther than this recipe! A tip we like to share though fo this recipe is to use finely ground coffee, not that stuff for the french press. The smaller the bits of coffee the better.

…Unless you like munchin’ on coffee beans and in that case we bow down to you.

3. Lastly, a recipe we think all coffee & chocolate lovers can get behind––breakfast granola! Take a pod, just one pod of HiLine Coffee for the Keurig and add it to your favorite granola mix and you are in for a pleasant surprise. The aroma of the fresh ground coffee fills the kitchen and once you add it to your cereal, yogurt or oatmeal both coffee & chocolate flavors really and truly combine to make magic!

Are coffee & chocolate really a match made in heaven. We love the way The Kitchn phrased it above and couldn’t agree more. We think the compliment each other in a great way. If you try the recipes above make sure to tag #HilineCoffee!