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5 Recipes with Coffee You Must Try

Recipe one: Fudgy Coffee Brownies SO. We have been looking for a good coffee brownie and have been having trouble finding one that is fudgy, smooth & creamy. Looks like Epicurious took the cake brownie. This recipes uses instant espresso powder so it is an easy to add this step. Thank you Epicurious for this recipe we bow down to you.

Recipe two: Chocolate-Espresso TrufflesWe are biased here, this is one of ours but a team favorite. Truffles are always a crowd pleaser, these ones are rich in flavor not to mention super simple to make. With such few ingredients but a few crucial steps these should be top of your list! Our pro-tip here is to simmer the milk with the ground espresso. Since we are not using instant you want to lightly simmer the milk as to not burn it!

Recipe three: Fresh-Raspberry Iced Coffee We can definitely get down with some fresh-raspberry iced coffee. Actually we are not biased - any fresh fruit works for us! When you break this recipe down it actually resembles a bellini. You create a puree of a fresh fruit, in this case, raspberries with a sugar and combine it with freshly brewed coffee. We have a feeling flavored coffees are going moving forward. It would be the natural next step after flavorful rich cold brews, right?

Recipe four: Sweet Cream Vanilla Coffee Cake Recipe four does not use coffee... PLEASE STAY WITH US. Just because it doesn't necessarily use coffee does not mean it should be booted from the list. We believe that on the contrary it is rather inspiring. The coffee creaming has a nice consistency which makes this cake incredibly moist and flavorful. This is a smart baking hack. File this under, must try in the future.

Recipe five: Espresso Hot Fudge Sauce This recipe might be the best one on the list since it can be used atop any of the above -- and beyond. The flavor in this case does not come from beans or ground coffee but it comes from freshly brewed HOT coffee or espresso. As long as once it is made it is stored in a tight container in the fridge it is good to go for up to 2 weeks -- if there is even any left to store. This espresso hot fudge should be added to your Sunday recipes list...