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5 Fun Things about Cold Brew!

This NYC heatwave is driving us up a wall. So to save you, and ourselves we have come up with a few fun ways to enjoy cold brew this summer.
  1. We can't confirm if this is fact or myth but we feel the urge to tell you about it. We've heard that your head, wrist and feet help determine or influence the temperature of your body. This is not a fact from the doctor but something one to many of our crazy aunts told us. To LISTEN UP. A strong benefit of carrying a cold brew with you on a warm day is that you can hold you warm wrists up the the uber cold condensation and it should start to cool you down. Placebo effect or not, it works.
  2. This is a trend we can get behind. Shaved Ice Cold Brews. Something we have been seeing around NYC. Imagine a cup jam packed with shaved iced and topped with cold brew. No, not iced cold, cold brew.
  3. Frozen. Yes. We think that frozen We feel that frozen cold brew be be enjoyed on two separate occasions in two ways. Cold brew can be enjoyed frozen and then added to iced coffee so it doesn't dilute or as a popsicle.
  4. Wanna know about the first cup of coffee? There is a funny story about hyper-active sheep.
  5. Cold Brew can be added to cocktails or even recipes. You can use coffee as an ingredient swap for water in almost any smoothie recipe. But you really need to like coffee... Think about it as a bonus shot or energy shot! If you were going to have coffee this morning and are making a smoothie - just make you swap and call it a 2 for 1!
If you have a funny or weird story about coffee or cold brew to share tag us on Instagram!