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Shaved Ice Cold Brew - It's a Thing!

Shaved Ice Cold Brew! We feel like a kid standing in line at the ice cream truck picking exactly what they want... and we've found it!


We wanna tell you what we found and how to make it. On the streets of NYC we found shaved ice place and simply topped it with homemade cold brew. It was a refreshing way to drink a strong cold brew. We topped it of with almond milk and enjoyed a fresh caffeine dose with no sugar added! Now do you want to try to make it at home?

Start by 'shaving your ice'. When we made it at home we added 2 cups of ice to a blender. If need be, you can splash a little hot water on the cubes to help the breakdown. After that, blend until you have a fine texture.

Grab your HiLine Cold Brew from the fridge. You need to start your cold brew a day ahead. It's something we love doing on the weekend to prep for the week ahead.

Top your blended ice with cold brew and then flavor to you liking. Here are a few ideas we like!

Top with Coconut Milk & Honey
Top with Almond Milm & Raw Cinnamon
Top with Whipped Cream & Sugar

*Check here for the the best ways to prepare your cold brew at home.