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5 Coffee Flavor Combinations and Why They Work

We’re always looking to mix things up when it comes to our coffee routine whether it’s flavors, add ons, or varying preparations. We wanted to explore why certain coffee combinations work and why they’re so popular. There’s warm, nutty, and sweet… what’s your favorite coffee combo?

Pumpkin: We have to start with iconic, ever-classic pumpkin spice because it just wouldn’t be right to start anywhere else. Combining the boldness of coffee with the creaminess and heartiness of pumpkin gives an amazing drink with contrasting flavors. With a spicy aroma and savory caramel finish, it’s the perfect way to celebrate the fall season.

Hazelnut: This is a classic flavor combo that never goes out of style. You’re just as likely to find hazelnut coffee in a coffee shop as you are to find it in the aisle at your supermarket! Hazelnut gives a little salty edge that pairs really well with coffee. Add a little sweetness with our Hazelnut Cupcake espresso and you’ve got a perfectly balanced drink.

Almond: Almond is a great flavor enhancer for coffee. It has buttery notes that work well with other bold flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and of course coffee. Our Swiss Mocha Almond coffee combines chocolate with full bodied nut flavor will hit that sweets craving while not undoing your diet. Not to mention, your morning cup of Joe will be completely transformed.

Vanilla: If you like a bit more of a simple flavor, you can't go wrong with vanilla. The beautiful aroma and sweet finish are reminiscent of a vanilla macaron from our favorite New York bakery. (We also fully endorse macarons being the new coffee dessert.)

Coconut: For the past year or so, we’ve imagined ourselves in our happy place: on a beach somewhere with coconut coffee. Since that isn’t happening right now, our next best option is sitting on our couch with coconut coffee. Coconut is an excellent source of natural sweetness that pairs beautifully with the bold notes of coffee.