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4 Ways to Spice Up Your Coffee with Liquor

For us, there is nothing better than a cup of coffee and we do not discriminate. Iced, hot, flavored, or any preparation you can think of, if you put coffee in front of us we will drink it. We’re always looking for new ways to change up our coffee and we can’t think of a better way than to add booze. Below are 4 fool-proof, quick ways to take your coffee from zero to hero and take you from feeling good to feeling really good.

  1. Iced Coffee with Kahlua and Bailey’s: If you’re crazy like us and still enjoy an iced coffee in single-digit degree weather, you’re welcome because we have found arguably the easiest way to add liquor to your coffee. Simply combine coffee, heavy cream (or half and half), Bailey’s, and Kahlua. Seriously, that’s it. If you want to get a little *festive*, you can add whipped cream, chocolate shavings, or caramel.
  2. Cafe Mocha: Calling all chocolate lovers!! This Cafe Mocha is like having chocolate milk and coffee. A childhood favorite mixed with the things that get us through adulthood. Can you think of a more iconic duo? Mix chocolate syrup, white chocolate liqueur, whipped cream, and pour over your hot coffee. Wait until combined and then guess what? Add more! Finish with whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate syrup. 
  3. Chambord & Coffee: For anyone who likes their coffee on the sweeter side, you are going to love this recipe. Why have your dessert and coffee separately when you could have them together? All you have to do is mix Chambord, hot coffee, and sugar together. Although Chambord isn’t incredibly sweet, this drink can be as sweet as you like depending on how much sugar you add. Top it off with whipped cream and you’ve got yourself the best dessert/coffee hybrid out there.
  4. Kentucky Coffee: Alright, it’s time to hit the hard stuff. This is more of a coffee cocktail than coffee with liquor, but like we said, if there’s coffee in it we are on board. Kentucky Coffee is warm, delicious, and can be made well even if you don’t have the exact ingredients or tools called for. You’ll need sugar cubes (granulated sugar works fine), bourbon, coffee, and heavy cream. If you have a muddler for the sugar cubes definitely use it, but if not you can use a heavy spoon with a long handle. Dissolve the sugar into the bourbon and SLOWLY pour the coffee and cream into the mug and enjoy!