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3 Ways to Step-Up Your Cold Brew Game

Summer is officially here. With rising temperatures, we’re desperate for extra ways to cool down and what better way than to incorporate our coffee addiction into some cool down hacks? We’ve already introduced you to our cold brew cans, but here are 3 more ways to step up your cold brew. 
  1. Cold brew iced cubes
This is a hack we have loved for years. Part of being based in NYC, and this may in-fact be an NYC only problem, but we have to share. When you are walking through the blistering hot streets of NYC and you have an iced coffee in hand and the ice melts before you even make it to your are left with a watery mess. Freezing your left over (or even fresh!) cold brew into ice cubes is the best way to avoid watered down coffee. Plus, it’s a simple and quick trick that will keep you extra cool during these hot days all while keeping up with your (much needed!) caffeine fix. 
Simply pour your fresh or leftover cold brew into an ice tray. Allow it to cool until frozen and voila! You have cold brew ice cubes to add to your iced coffee. 
  1. Cold brew lemonade 
Barista Institute has a great recipe for this tasty summer drink. All you need is 1 part cold brew, 1 part lemonade and ice. Pour the cold brew and lemonade into the class and stir. 
  1. Cold brew caramel frappuccino 
We suggest you try this 3 ingredient recipe from Minimalist Baker for the perfect dairy-free morning pick-me-up. The best part? All you’ll need to make this delicious coffee treat is: almond milk, cold brew, and dates. Freeze your almond milk into ice cubes, blend the cubes with your cold brew and date caramel and there you have it. A creamy, caffeine-packed cold brew caramel frappuccino.