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Coffee Ice Cubes

If you are the kind of coffee drinker who romanticizes about everything from a fresh brew down to the last sip of each cup — this coffee hack is for you. Watered down coffee is worse than the Sunday scaries if you ask us.  As we all know iced coffee is not a season specific order but more of a year-round treasure so what better time than now to introduce you to this trick! Freezing leftover (or even fresh) coffee in ice cube trays is the best way to avoid letting your iced coffee from getting watered down. You still make your iced coffee the same way just swap out water ice cubes for these fresh coffee cubes and your iced coffee will thank you.

We have also used these coffee ice cubes in our morning smoothies — I mean who doesn’t want to add coffee to basically every recipe. Stay-tuned we may even share our favorite smoothie recipe soon, until then:

Coffee ice cube instructions:

Brew 2 cups of coffee and let cool.

Fill an ice tray with the cooled coffee and freeze overnight.

Use instead of water ice cubes to avoid watered down iced coffee.