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3 Epic Ways to Pair Coffee and Ice Cream

Bringing together your favorite things in life is (almost) always a good idea. Like introducing your best childhood friend to your best college friend, or eating breakfast in bed, combining two good things almost always makes for something great (unless it's mixing alcohols, which most of us had to learn the hard way does not follow this simple logic). What does follow it, is the combination of coffee and ice cream: our favorite beverage and our favorite food group — yes, we said food group. In the name of combining all that is good to create something great, here are three epic ways to pair coffee and ice cream:

1. Affogato An affogato is an Italian coffee-based dessert. It traditionally starts with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or vanilla gelato and is then drowned with a shot of hot espresso. If you're looking for a coffee-ice cream pairing that'll make you feel less like you just drove by 3 Domino's Pizza and more like you're enjoying a thin crust Margherita pie in Florence, this thing is for you.

2. Coffee Milkshake For the days when you just don't want to feel like a full adult, there are coffee milkshakes. While plenty of local diners generally have them on the menu, you can DIY in .25 seconds with vanilla ice cream, as much coffee as you want, and chocolate syrup. PRO TIP: Add in chocolate chips or Oreo pieces, if you're looking for tastebud transcendence and/or you just reeaaaally don't want to feel like an adult today.

3. Cold Brew Ice Cream Is it just us, or has cold brew ice cream become insanely popular in the last year? We're willing to bet that if your go-to ice cream spot isn't serving this flavor, you can find a pint of it somewhere in your grocery store's freezer. This is one of our favorite brands, but if you happen to have an ice cream maker and you're feeling up to it, you can make it happen with heavy cream, sweetened condensed milk, and cold brew concentrate. Super easy recipe here. So, whether you're looking to pretend your out of the country, live like a kid again, or simply make your own cold brew ice cream, the combination of these two items will serve you in whatever way you need it to. Like we said before, it's two good things, so it has to be great.