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Is There Caffeine in Coffee Ice Cream

Is there caffeine in coffee ice cream? A valid question. We wrote about this a few months back when talking about tiramisu. The concern of how much caffeine is in a tiramisu needed to be addressed!

We were wondering of the caffeine cooks down like the liquor in the oven, we found out the concept and since doesn't transfer with caffeine. What you have to look out for is how much coffee is going into the ice cream and then how much does that translate to, per serving.

So fact, the caffeine contents of a coffee ice cream are low but they can keep you awake. You have to remember you are having sugar too!

If you are nervous about sleep - we would skip the coffee ice cream tonight. Another good solve is looking for a brand that makes a blended ice cream with coffee and then another ingredient. For example a coffee ice cream vs a tiramisu flavor.