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More Choice. More Freedom!

HiLine exists to solve a problem for coffee drinkers that we have encountered many times ourselves. One day when Gene and his wife ran out of coffee, instead of spending an extra hour to walk to a Nespresso NYC boutique or ordering on Nespresso Club website, Gene took matters into his own hands. Not particularly adept at working with his hands, he managed to open a spent Nespresso pod, cleaned it out of old coffee, ground some fresh beans from his favorite Oakland-based roaster and sealed it with aluminum foil on top. The result was a surprisingly tasty cup of coffee. Soon HiLine was born to give Nespresso users more options, so that they don’t run out of coffee again.

Delicious Coffee. Great Value!

We work with small specialty roasters to create premium coffee capsules that work with Nespresso machines. Through our partnerships, we aim to increase the variety of capsules available to consumers and improve the freshness and quality of the single serve coffee pods. Most importantly, we are looking to provide our customers with great value by selling directly through our online store, without the expensive infrastructure of boutiques or celebrity endorsements.

No Club Membership Required.

We also don’t believe in exclusive offerings. We are simple straight-forward guys ourselves feels obliged to buy more coffee than they need or join our website as a member. Anyone can buy as few as one pack of capsules without having to register as a member.