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When in Italy, drink caffè

Coffee, or caffè, plays a major role in Italian culture. Italians love their caffè, and visitors to the beautiful country quickly learn to do the same.
A recent vacation brought me to Italy, where I enjoyed lingering over a cappuccino before a day of sightseeing, or grabbing a caffè for a boost of energy while waiting for a train or exploring an ancient city.
Here are a few tips for enjoying caffè in Italy:
  • The most popular drink to order is a caffè, or single shot of espresso. Depending on where you order it, it's possible you'll be drinking this standing up, especially at a bar (Italy's version of a coffee shop).
  • If you want what Americans know as a latte, when in Italy, order a caffè latte. If you order a latte in Italy, you'll be served a cup of milk.
  • Most Italians only drink cappuccino or other milk-heavy coffee drinks in the morning. It's their version of breakfast, and is seen to be too filling for later in the day.