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What is Pour Over Coffee

If you’re an avid coffee drinker like us, you’ve definitely encountered the many different ways to prepare a cup of coffee. Most coffee drinkers or coffee shops use an espresso machine to make more specialty drinks and lattes, but is there a method to uniquely brew a more traditional cup of coffee? Meet: pour over coffee. 
So what is pour over coffee? 
The gist: Pour over coffee is an original technique that uses a coffee drip where water is “poured over” ground coffee
The idea being pour over coffee is to create fresh and rich flavor notes that you may be missing out on with a normal coffee maker. Most coffee shops follow this trend to provide quality coffee to their customers. The pour over is not only limited to coffee shops. You can have access to handcrafted coffee in the comfort of your home and even save money.
The history behind pour over coffee: 
It all started by a woman named Melitta Benz, who invented the paper filter in 1908 by using blotting paper from her son’s school book. Melitta Benz created a new, yet simple and innovative way to brew coffee. 
The process
Similar to the French press, the pour over machine requires you to manually boil water and pour it over coffee grounds. The main difference is that the coffee grounds sit in a filter and don't come into contact with the brewed coffee, (like they do in the French press). 
The pour over method relies on timed pouring intervals to get a balanced flavor extraction. After you pour a certain amount of water in a circular motion for a few seconds, the grounds will begin to rise and “bloom,” releasing the gasses and flavor inside the grounds. If you’re looking to try it out for yourself, here’s a great tutorial. And be sure to use our incredible ground coffee!