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What is Nitro Cold Brew?

If you’re as coffee-obsessed as us, we’re sure you’ve heard of cold brew, but what about nitro cold brew?

In the past couple of years, you’ve probably noticed how coffee shops and grocery stores have stocked their shelves and menus with “nitro” coffee options. If you’re new (or old!) to the coffee scene, this new addition might have come as a shock. And if you found yourself a little intimidated by the labeling, don’t worry! You’re not alone. Let’s dive into what sets this coffee drink apart from the rest.

What is nitro cold brew?

Essentially, nitro coffee is cold coffee that’s infused with nitrogen bubbles, giving the coffee its signature foamy texture. The foaminess that results from the infusion of the nitrogen bubbles resembles that of a beer being poured on tap.

Now, let’s dive into the science behind this.

First, the coffee is brewed with cold or room temperature water for 12-24 hours. After 12-24 hours, you’re left with cold brew.

Why cold brew and not regular brew?

Cold brew is up to 60% less acidic than typical, hot-brewed coffee. This happens because coffee grounds, or more specifically the various oils, acids, and other aromatic molecules, are most easily extracted at about 195-205 degrees. When you create coffee using cold or room temperature water, less acid forms, resulting in a coffee that has a sweeter, floral profile.

Once you have your cold brew, it’s time to transform the cold brew into nitro cold brew. The transformation process is entirely attributed to the infusion of the nitrogen gas with a pressurized valve.

The tiny nitrogen bubbles give the coffee its foamy, satiny thickness. The cold brew process turns up the sweetness and turns down the acidity, while the nitrogen gives a frothy, milky layer that sinks from top to bottom. It seems funky, right? We suggest you try our cold brew cans for the perfect on-the-go coffee drink. It’s packed with flavor and a punch of caffeine that will keep you moving throughout the day.