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Vacationing with a Nespresso machine

Vacation should be more of what you love on a daily basis -- so why not bring your Nespresso machine along for your enjoyment? We've learned of both business and leisure travelers stowing their Pixies in suitcases so that they don't have to go a day without their favorite espresso maker.
Hotels across the globe, like the Ace Hotel in New York, the Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach, the Shanghai Marriott Hotel Hongqiao and the Sofitel Legend in Amsterdam offer guests in-room Nespresso machines. Some vacation rental properties are also recognizing that they can attract coffee lovers by keeping Nespresso machines in the homes (like this beautiful house in the British Virgin Islands, complete with a Nespresso machine!)
Next time you're looking to travel, consider bringing your Nespresso machine or seeking out a spot with one. Slip some delicious HiLine Coffee capsules -- compatible in Nespresso machines -- in your carry on bag, and enjoy your vacation to its fullest!