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Unique Ways to Enjoy Your Coffee

We believe that the average person consumes their coffee before they hit their desk and then they don't think about it again until the next morning. We want to change that. We want people to realize how many creative ways you can enjoy your cup of joe.

Below are 3 fun ways to jazz up your HiLine Coffee. These beverages can be enjoyed hot, cold and even on the go. We focused on our Coconut Cream and our Chocolate Truffle brews this week! If you like these ideas we'd love to provide more in the future! Don't forget to to tag us with #HiLineCoffee if you try them.

Coconut Coffee We've heard about this. Always wanted to try it but never got around until now. One of our favorite blends that we sell is our Coconut Cream. When you brew this blend your entire home smells of fresh coconuts and coffee–– what a dream. Recently we saw an article where you can combine equal parts coconut water & coffee over ice to make a coconut coffee. We tried this with our coconut blend and you can only imagine the flavors that pop with this combination!! If you are home wishing you were on a desert island this should be your next brew.

Coconut Mocha We were so inspired by the coconut coffee since Coconut Cream is truly one of our fan favorites. We tried it and LOVED it but also since its the dead of winter we knew we needed to try a cold weather friendly brew! Swapping coconut water for coconut milk this drink is a dream for the winter. We brought a cup of coconut milk up to a boil, once you pour that into a mug you can top it off with a cup of hot coffee. If you want to add the extra flavor... we drizzled it with chocolate sauce. Another great alternative to chocolate sauce would be to stir in a piece of dark chocolate.

Vanilla Chocolate Hot Coffee If you're craving a creamy hot chocolate but are in desperate need of a big dose of caffeine Look no further. We got you covered to get all cozy on the couch and watch your favorite movie. Grab a mug and put two scoops of vanilla ice cream inside while you're brewing a fresh cup of our Chocolate Truffle Coffee Pod. Top off the vanilla ice cream with the chocolate coffee and sit back and enjoy!