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Top 3 Frozen Coffee Drinks

We know that we have a fair share of cold coffee drinkers all year round but listen up. We are talked frozen drinks to a whole new level below! We wanted to share our top 3 favorite frozen coffee drinks!

DRINK 1 - Shaved Ice Cold Brew A couple summers ago we came across what we thought was the coolest idea ever. Basically an adult coffee snow cone. You can blend up ice in a blender at home... and you pour your cold brew over it. It is such a simple way to enjoy a cold brew. So many coffee chains have different ice cube techniques that people obsess over well full disclose this is what we are obsessing over! Read more about one of our top favorite frozen coffee drinks.

DRINK 2 - Oreo Frappuccino Yes. Frappuccinos take over the market the moment the weather hit 70 degrees. We support this. So we've added an Oreo Frappuccino to our list of top frozen coffee recipes for this summer. For this recipe all you need is HiLine Coffee Espresso., marshmallow fluff, chocolate sauce, Oreo cookies & whipped cream! A simple recipe where you can throw all your ingredients into a blender and hit start! See below for more details!

DRINK 3 - Coconut Milk Frappuccino Lastly we have out coconut milk frappuccino which to us is the most versatile. You can play around with the milk here and of course add any flavoring you please. A frapp is so simple to make which is why it is a favorite frozen coffee drink on our list. Just dump all of your pre-measured ingredients into a blender and go for it! All that being said. If you are over here thinking frozen drinks are great but I could really use some booze. We've got you covered. See below for a few fun summer ideas.