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The Summer of Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee (Wikimedia Commons)

Memorial Day -- the unofficial start of summer in these parts -- is just around the corner. That can only mean one thing. Well, it means lots of things, including flip-flops, suntan oil, hour-long traffic jams on the Garden State Parkway, and those damned mosquitos... but since we're all about the coffee, that means it's time for iced coffee. We know, because we checked the handy website Is It Iced Coffee Weather? (also available as an app).

Here's what else it means: from now 'til Labor Day, we'll be periodically sharing our favorite iced coffee recipes, reviewing others' iced coffee drinks and gadgets, and generally enthusing over cooling off with our favorite bean-y beverage. Because we know one thing for sure: we're like the postal service. Rain, sleet, dark of night, plague of locusts, or blazing sun? No matter. It's time for coffee! Your turn. Email us at and tell us about your favorite iced coffee, whether you brew your own or buy at a local cafe.