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The Power of Fresh Coffee Grounds

While we love a cup of coffee from one of our K-Cup or Nespresso machine pods, but why do some people boast about their freshly ground coffee from a more conventional machine or french press? What are the benefits vs. the pre-ground alternative?

Coffee connoisseurs agree that freshly ground coffee tastes better. But why?

1. The oxidation process starts as soon as the coffee is ground, which means that much of the flavor and aroma has already oxidized by the time you make a cup from pre-ground coffee. The result? Less bold flavor per sip-what a shame. Much more of that flavor ends up in your mug when the coffee has been freshly ground.

2. There is much more surface area to a ground tablespoon of coffee vs the same amount of coffee beans. The increased surface area hastens the drying of oils in the coffee that account for much of the flavor. The result? A more watered down version of the flavor we all love. A freshly ground cup will include much of the oil that holds the taste of the bean.

How much ground coffee should I use?

You’ll want to use 1 to 2 tablespoons of ground coffee per cup of water, depending on how strong you like it. Feel free to experiment when it comes to this range, as we’ve found that a little more or a little less can really change the experience.

Don’t have a grinder?

No problem, you can use a blender, a rolling pin, or a mortar and pestle from last weeks Guacamole party. Yes, all of those options work too! You can get creative

How fine should you grind?

Well that depends on what method you’re using to make your coffee.
Cold Brew: Extra Coarse
French Press: Coarse
Drip Pots: Medium
Espresso: Fine