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The Guide to Cold Brew Hacks

God bless the season where cold brew is officially PC to be carrying around. Yes, yes, we know that some of you also drink cold brew year-round but besides those snow bunnies who just like it all icy SPRING HAS SPRUNG. We came out with these packs to make home-brewing your cold brew so much easier. See here.
  1. Use these packets to pre-prep your coffee for the week ahead. Drop it in a pitcher and set it and forget it in the fridge.
  2. This is a hack we have loved for years. Part of being based in NYC, and this may in-fact be an NYC only problem, but we have to share. When you are walking through the blistering hot streets of NYC and you have an iced coffee in hand and the ice melts before you even make it to your desk... you are left with a watery mess. We like to freeze our cold brew and add it to our iced coffee so that as the ice melts you don't loose flavor.
  3. Blended. Try blending your cold brew, cold brew ice cubes and milk of choice in a blender! With no added sugar its a DIY Healthier Frapp!
  4. Try swapping your pre-made cold brew in for you water or milk in a smoothie recipe! You'll still get the caffeine you are craving and the nutrients of your breakfast smoothie!
  5. Milk shakes too!