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The Difference Between Keurig K-Cups and Nespresso Pods

Keurig or Nespresso? It is a question that has plagued (and slightly confused) the mind of coffee lovers everywhere. So, what’s the difference? Don’t both machines produce silky, hot, caffeinated heaven in a cup? Yes! But we’re here to separate apples from oranges - here it is, folks – a comprehensive consideration of Keurig’s and Nespresso’s!

Let’s begin with the mechanics.

Both Keurig and Nespresso are fundamentally similar in terms of machinery and outcome. In goes a coffee pod out comes hot caffeinated beverage. The Keurig is designed to brew a single cup beverages. Quite similarly, the Nespresso machine also takes part in pressurized hot water shooting through coffee grounds – for that reason alone we love it too. However, the original Nespresso was strictly a purveyor of 1.3 fluid ounces of espresso. Connoisseurs of coffee know that espresso derives from more finely-ground coffee beans than traditional coffee, resulting in a stronger flavor. This was Nespresso’s niche for a while until more was demanded and they launched a line of machines that produced a 7.8 fluid ounce cup of espresso coffee.

Though to understand the true difference between Keurig and Nespresso, we must examine the pod.

The Keurig K-cup consists of a plastic cup and an aluminum lid and every cup is nitrogen sealed to ensure optimum freshness. The Keurig pierces the top aluminum lid with its patented spray nozzle and a discharge nozzle penetrates the plastic base. A filter inside the pod contains the coffee grounds as water is pumped through.

Each Nespresso pod is made with a flat top and through a series of multiple and strategic perforations in the capsule hot water is pumped through. Each cup of Nespresso coffee features the signature crema top layer that often characterizes a true cup of espresso coffee – Um? YUM!

Given all this information it is certainly clear that both Keurig and Nespresso have their unique offerings and with our pods you can enjoy may flavors through both machines. Keurig provides a vast array of beverages and flavors and while Nespresso features the signature crema top layer that often characterizes a true cup of espresso coffee.

Whatever your preference we wish you Godspeed in your journey to caffeinated bliss!