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SOS! Burnt Coffee Hacks

How to clean a coffee pot with burnt coffee: if you are stuck with a coffee pot that is scorched on the inside there are 2 great combos with all natural ingredients that will get your pot looking like new. Always make sure to start with a room temperature coffee pot. This is essential because adding ice to a hot pot can cause it to crack! Ah! Add salt and ice into the pot, begin to gentry swirl them together and rinse it clean.

If method one fails you it is time to bring in hot water and lemon. This combo can actually be used in two different ways. It can be used to break down any burnt coffee in the pot and it will clean out your coffee machine from the inside out. If you mix 1/2 cup of lemon and 1/2 cup of water and let it run through the machine the acid in the lemon works wonders.

Burnt or Bitter coffee? We apologize for any inconvenience and feel you pain. We want to help show you the best ways to make coffee and avoid it being burnt. For bitter coffee a fun trick is to add a pinch of salt. Seems odd, but the science behind it says that to make your bitter coffee taste better the salt levels out the acidity and makes it enjoyable!

As for avoiding burnt coffee in the future make sure when you brew it that the water is 195F-205F. The closer to 205F the better. Anything over 205F and you are getting close to water's boiling point which is 212F and the coffee will taste burnt. NOT COOL.