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The Science Behind Pour Over Coffee

When it comes to coffee there are varying degrees of interest and preference. There are those people who will drink it stale just for that sweet, sweet caffeine kick and there are others who prefer a bit more finesse when it comes to their cup of joe. But if you are a true lover and appreciator of coffee then let’s face it, you’re a bit of snob. And for all us coffee snobs who cherish every last drop and savor the aroma and taste there’s pour over coffee.

If you are a connoisseur of coffee and the overall taste is of the utmost importance to you than something like pour over coffee is right up your ally. This method of coffee brewing may not provide the instant gratification of say a K-cup but in this case the wait is worth the taste.

The pour over method while time consuming is actually quite simple. It basically entails you pouring hot water over freshly ground coffee in a special filtration system. This method is preferred by coffee snob’s due to its ability to control things like strength and flavor. All you need to achieve this kind of brew is freshly ground coffee, a filter and a filter mechanism (something to hold the filter). The secret to success here is the coarseness of your grind. The smaller the grind, the slower the water filters through and the stronger, more flavorful cup of coffee you’ll get. Which is the opposite for a coarser grind.

In this case, the juice is worth the squeeze and is a relatively easy and beneficial way to try your coffee. Control the grind and the pour over method is something worth giving a go. Test out different grind sizes to see which produces your favorite cup of coffee!