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Record-breaking coffee

Last week, a city in Colombia set a world record after 13,800 people gathered in a town square for a cup of coffee. Yes, you read that right – not 13, not 1380, but 13,800! After learning of this coffee-loving accomplishment, I began to wonder what other records have been inspired by my favorite morning ritual. Here are a few feats, according to the Guinness World Records:
  • The largest cup of coffee was created in London in November 2012. It contained 3,487.1 gallons of black coffee (that’s 13,200 litres for our European friends)! In a similar vein, the largest iced coffee, poured in Las Vegas, was 1,500 gallons (5,678.12 litres) and used 3,000 pounds of ice!
  • The largest espresso machine in the world was unveiled in Los Angeles in September 2004. It held 130 gallons (492 litres) of water and could filter 72 pounds of coffee in one go. The mammoth machine can serve 3,820 shots of double espresso.
  • March 2010 marked the longest journey by a coffee-powered car (do you think the car behind it could enjoy the smell of fresh-brewed coffee?) when a 1988 Volkswagon Scirocco was driven 337 km from London to Manchester. The modified car works by heating the coffee granules in a charcoal fire, which then break down into carbon monoxide and hydrogen. The gas is cooled and filtered before the hydrogen is combusted to drive the engine. ‘Car-puccino’ can reportedly reach 60 miles per hour, or in coffee terms, achieves one mile per 56 espressos.