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Our Monthly Coffee Capsule Subscriptions

Running out of coffee is never a good thing. For those who handle the office coffee supplies, there may be a chance you have a mutiny on your hands or at the very least, some cranky coworkers. If you're supplying it for your household, things may get even worse. Fortunately, at Hiline Coffee we now have a solution for you that keeps your coffee capsules coming without requiring any action on your part. They are delivered every month and as a result, your coworkers or family are happy. Our new autoship feature allows users to setup a recurring order for your Keurig or Nespresso machines with the ability to customize your blends. As usual, it's our high quality, freshest roasts but with further price reductions and even free shipping for orders over $50. Let's take you through a little bit of the setup process, just to make sure it's all straight forward and can accommodate your needs. If not, let us know.
  1. Select "Autoship" on our website menu
2. Choose your coffee machine brand preference, Nespresso or Keurig. 3. Choose your favorite coffee options from our extensive selection at already discounted prices and add to your cart 4. Review your cart. If you're satisfied, go ahead and Checkout. Login to your account if you have one, or fill out your details, hit submit and then await your first delivery. That same order will arrive each month, automagically. Feel free to adjust your order prior to the next delivery through your account or do nothing and wait for it to arrive in 30 days. Go ahead and get started with your monthly coffee capsule subscriptions today!