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Oreo Frappuccino How-To

An Oreo Frappuccino seems like something you’d have to order from a dessert bar or coffee house. Have no fear we have a DIY Oreo Frappuccino recipe for you. We’ve talking about the technique and what it takes to make the currently poplar Frappuccino. A few month back we developed the S’mores Frapp. This recipe required you to gather the flavor ingredients you needed and blend them up, with ice of course. A video sample for the S’more Frapp is here and now it is time to make a flavor profile swap for Oreos.

Oreo Frappuccino Ingredients

HiLine Coffee Espresso

Marshmallow Fluff

Chocolate Sauce

Oreo Cookies

Whipped Cream


1. Add a cooled shot of espresso over ice, the cream of 6 Oreos (hold the cookie)  chocolate sauce

2. Blend until combined

3. Add chocolate sauce to the base of the serving glass and then fill with the Oreo frappe

4.Top with whipped cream, crushed oreo cookies and chocolate sauce