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Oreo Cream Cold Brew

Oreo Cream Cold Brew. We did it. Although we are not nutritionist we would suggest this cold brew be served in the afternoon rather than the morning as its for the sweet tooth but if you dare, you can start your day with it. Please note – you better like it light and sweet.

A few times on our recipe page we have gone rouge with ideas. We would like to add this one into the column.

To start, take the cream of 12 Oreo and 2 cups of milk. Blend until combined. Pour this liquid into ice cub trays and let freeze overnight.

While the Oreo cream ice cubes are freezing make a batch of our HiLine Coffee Cold Brew. It’s so simple to make and comes in pre-portioned packages.


Serve the ice cubes in the cold brew. If you want to take it to the next step drizzle chocolate sauce in the glass before you pour!