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Keurig K475 vs. Keurig K575

Keurig K475 vs. the Keurig K575

Good morning and welcome to another coffee maker review! Today we are talking through Keurig K475 vs. Keurig K575. With only one number difference in their name, is there any real difference in the machine? We spent some time reading up on the features, talking to customers and even our own product testing. So, sit back, relax and let’s dive in!

We’ve talked about this before, but one of the first things to consider when buying a coffee maker is your brew style. Do you drink coffee black, cold brew year round, coffee with milk or even a daily latte? And, if you’re like some of us at home, you might not be the only one in your household that consumes coffee. So, you’ll need to take note of how your roommates, significant others and fellow coffee consumers like their brew and start there. From water reservoir’s to milk frothers and custom temperatures, rest assured the perfect coffee maker is out there for you.

Keurig is a great place to start and today we are comparing the Keurig K475 vs the Keurig K575. Check out our breakdown below to hopefully help make your decision easier as we promise to tell you which to buy!


If you’ve read any of our other Keurig comparison posts, you’ll know that there are many similarities. We are here to help make the decision between two machines much easier. Both the Keurig K475 vs the Keurig K575 are bigger and more robust Keurig models than older Keurig machines. Both come in a sleeker design than K50 & K55 with more options and ways to customize your brew — NICE!

One of the bigger updates and similarities is their brewing sizes. The only difference here is that the Keurig K475 also brews a 12 ounce! That means you are getting a full cup and a half of coffee with a 12oz brew. Raise your hand if your Monday needs a 12 ouncer. The overall benefit of multiple serving sizes allows for custom brews. We do suggest when deciding between the different brew sizes to try a few before settling on your favorite.

Let’s turn up the HEAT! The plus side in investing in the Keurig K475 vs the Keurig K575 are the multiple temperature controls! This is a major plus since other models do not have different degree options. Both machines allow you to brew at varying temperatures starting with 182, 187, 192, 197 moving all the way up to 197 degrees Fahrenheit. That means that if you like your morning cup of joe a little hotter or a little cooler, you can now get it exactly how you like it!

Another quick thing that we’ll point out is the removable drip trays offered by both the K475 and K575. Why is this convenient? Well, rather than having to unplug and move the entire machine over to the sink to empty the drip tray, you can easily detach it and empty as needed. This will save time, kitchen messes and most of all – your sanity.


Keurig models didn’t always have the large water reservoirs that they do today. Both the Keurig K475 vs. the Keurig K575 have water reservoirs but there are some key differences between them.The K475 is smaller in overall size and has a 70oz reservoir (which is larger than previous models). Depending on which version of the Keurig K575 that you purchase, its water reservoir is 10 oz bigger for a total of 80oz. You should also note that the Keurig K575 has hot water on demand. And, when you’re trying to get out the door in the morning, every minute and every second counts.

Since investing in these machines is generally a major topic of conversation we wanted to talk about the list price on both the Keurig K475 vs. the Keurig K575. The Keurig K475 is sold for $139.99 and the Keurig K575 is sold for $169.99. With the price difference of about $30 (depending on where you buy it) it makes sense to do your research and really know what model makes the most sense for you. Either way, making your own cup of coffee at home yields a tremendous savings over time. Let’s do the math. After 2 months of buying coffee at your local cafe 5 mornings a week, you could have already purchased a machine. YES. Believe it or not. According to a report on Fox News, the average American spends approximately $1,100 a year– or $3 each day– on coffee. So, when you realize that number you may want to invest in a nice machine for your kitchen counter.

We wanted to touch on some of the advantages of the Keurig K575 since it is a tad more expensive. The hot water on demand feature is a huge positive. Customer reviews state that this hot water on demand function allows for you to heat up baby bottles, make instant noodles and of course… brew tea. We love the versatility that this feature offers! When you really stop and think about it, this machine is a multi-functional appliance. And, if you can eliminate the need for hot water heaters, bottle warmers, tea kettles etc, you’ll be saving counter space. Did we mention that the Keurig 575 also has a night light? Pretty cool.

While both the 575 and 475 models have touch screen displays, the 575 screen is larger and a fan favorite! Some customers say the touchscreen size difference isn’t really noticeable, so it’s really a personal preference. Lastly, (as mentioned above) the Keurig K475 vs the Keurig K575 have different water reservoir sizes.  The Keurig K575 has a slightly larger water tank is with 10 more ounces landing it at 80 oz, versus the Keurig K475 at 70 oz. 


If we had to decide between the Keurig K475 vs. the Keurig K575 we’d go with the Keurig 575 model. Once you’ve experienced the hot water on demand feature, it’s almost impossible to live without it. The fact that the water reservoir is also a 10 ounces larger is definitely a benefit to this machine (anything to save time and make mornings smoother, right?!) So, we’ll leave you with this — both machines are great but the Keurig 575 is a standout option here.

Also, if you ever run into a problem with your Keurig machine, check out Troubleshooting Ideas and Keurig Coffee Maker Problems.