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Is There Caffeine in My Tiramisu?

Coffee in its traditional form is nothing to scoff at. The delicious liquid has been around for hundreds of years and there’s a reason for that. But coffee can also be found in many different things in many different forms. This begs the question…”Will that tiramisu give me the kick I’m looking for?”, or “Will my coffee milkshake satiate my sugar needs while perking me up?”

The answer is, yes! If coffee is an ingredient of a dish there is likely caffeine in it. That being said, it very much depends on how much coffee is used in the recipe in question. For instance, tiramisu typically uses less than half a cup for the whole cake, so your caffeine intake will be minimal.

Baked goods should be regarded similarly. If the recipe calls for coffee it will certainly contain caffeine. The amount of caffeine and intensity of coffee flavor ultimately depends on how much the recipe calls for. There is a common misconception that when coffee is baked or cooked at high temperatures the caffeine in coffee cooks off. This concept is similar to wine or alcohol in dishes, but it isn’t the same. This is what really happens when you add coffee to something like a baked good.  The heat from the oven cooks out the water but leaves the caffeine. If you add a cup of coffee to your brownie batter, expect them to taste delicious and contain caffeine.

Ultimately there are ways to avoid caffeine but we suggest steering clear of any recipes containing coffee – and there’s always decaf? If you’re like us and you’re looking for a traditional kick in the behind, we suggest sticking with the tried and true cup o’ joe!