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How to Make Infused Cold Brew

We've talked in the past about adding flavor to your coffee and we've talk about it a lot. There are 2 ways to flavor your coffee. WYB and AYB... while or after you brew. Maybe that joke didn't land. That being said. It totally changes the coffee game. The fun fact of this post is that you can flavor cold brew as you brew too! We listed out a few of our favorite flavor combos and also linked to our brewing pouches! Don't forget to tag us @hilinecoffee if you try any of these cold brew flavors.

Please note - for all of these flavors you'll want to tie them up in a DIY tea bag or coffee filter.

Raw Cinnamon - adding raw cinnamon to your brew adds warmth to the flavor. Not to mention its health benefits of stabilizing blood sugar! Adding a sweet cream would be a great flavor profile to this blend.

Pumpkin Spice - We know... 'tis the season and all. Pumpkin Spice is known for having a warm and nutty flavor that could be enhanced if served with coconut cream. This sounds dreamy.

Vanilla - This could be done 1 of 2 ways. You could slice a vanilla bean in half and drop into your brew or you could put a splash of extract into your brew. Either way imagine a slash of french vanilla cream over that brew. Try our brewing packs!