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How Much Money Could You Save Making Your Lattes at Home?

A barista-made cappuccino and meeting a friend for coffee are some of our favorite things. However, a daily habit of visiting a coffee shop can be pretty expensive. Our friends at Seattle Coffee Gear decided to find out how much at-home lattes cost compared to those we pick up at cafes.
The verdict? One retail latte costs the same as five home lattes.
Imagine how much you could save by making your lattes at home (or for our caffeine fiends out there, how many more lattes you could make for the same price!) If you New Year's resolution is to pinch pennies and stick to your budget, you may want to consider brewing your HiLine Coffee in your Nespresso machine and steaming your milk in the comfort of your own kitchen.
A big thanks to Seattle Coffee Gear for the great infographic (and for crunching the numbers)!