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Herbs & Spices in your Cold Brew?

We talk all the time about customizing your homemade brews! If you are making a coffee beverage at home we encourage mixing up the milks or added flavors. Something we have talked about less but want to dive into today is different herbs you can add to your cold brew that help bring how flavor and take your sipping experience to a whole new level. Here is a list of our herbs & how to use them!

Cinnamon is our favorite & a true go-t0! Even though it's a spice, not an herb its helps take your brew to a whole new level. Not only does adding cinnamon to your coffee add a depth of flavor you didn't know was missing but there are studies that show that it could even be good for your health. How do I add cinnamon to my coffee? You can start with a blend that already has the spice, which is a great place to start! HiLine Coffee's Pumpkin Spice Blend has cinnamon in it! That being said if you want to dive a little deeper you can make your own blend. Start by adding a couple teaspoons of ground cinnamon to 100g of ground coffee. If you are doing this with our Cold Brew Bags you might want to use a spice bag for the cinnamon. Top it off with 3 cups of water. This will help to make a cold brew concentrate that you can use.

Fresh Mint we are not sure if adding fresh mint to your coffee is a California thing or a Turkish thing but we are down for this trend. A lot of people make a fresh mint simple syrup but we are talking about throwing in a couple fresh mint leaves! If you want to see a recipe for a mint simple syrup see here.

Lavender so while lavender is not considered to be a true herb because of it's woody stem it is used both for medicinal & culinary purposes! Lavendar lattes are all the range around New York City Cafes. See here for a DIY Lavender Latte . Remember to have fun! Making and experimenting with coffee is nothing too serious. Take time and perfect a blend that works for you! We hope we inspired you with some of the ideas above.