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Ground Coffee: A Size Chart

Like all good things in life, coffee can be a bit complex. So, when it comes to ground coffee, unfortunately, there isn't a "one size fits all" standard for the varying types coffee drinks. However, although there isn't a singular ground size that brews all coffee beverages, the levels of ground coffee aren't too hard to understand. They just require a simple walk-through. The 7 Levels (from least to most ground):

7. Extra coarse grind: It's the least ground of the bunch and is used to make cold brew coffee.

6. Coarse grind: A bit finer than extra coarse but still pretty coarse, it's mostly commonly used to make French press coffee.

5. Medium coarse grind: It kind of looks like rough sand and is used in speciality coffee makers like the Cafe Solo.

4. Medium grind: This guy looks a little more like the ground coffee beans you're probably used to seeing and is used for drip coffee and for some cone-shaped pour over brewers.

3. Medium-fine grind: More fine than your average ground coffee, this is used for other speciality coffee makers like The AeroPress and can also work for cone-shaped pour over brewers.

2. Fine grind: This is the most common ground coffee you'll find and is used to make espresso.

1. Super fine/Turkish grind: The most fine of the ground coffees, this stuff is used only to make Turkish coffee, which is a very strong black coffee that's actually served with some of the grounds in it.

So, although you can't just toss any kind of ground coffee in a coffee maker and make yourself a cup in the morning, the varying levels of ground coffee aren't too hard to comprehend. Plus, knowing these levels will just make for an overall better cup. Depending on what you're trying to brew and what you're brewing with, you'll want to refer to this chart to get the best coffee experience possible.