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Espresso Smoothie

Sometimes you get home from the gym and are in a rut. You woke up so early to go to the gym, took a class and now are hustling to get to the office. You need to shower, pick out an outfit and make coffee… and breakfast. Since this happens to us oh-so-regularly we came up with a solve — an espresso smoothie.

This recipe is a perfect DIY. Below we list off the ingredients we used but feel free to adjust accordingly, We chose to make this recipe non-dairy. We passed on yogurt & cows milk and used coconut milk! Lastly, we did not use any sweeteners. The nut butter was all natural so if you prefer a sweet smoothie add a honey, sugar or even a splash of your favorite creamer.

Just know that the concept is everything. For our coffee loving friends with a major lack of time in the morning. Start with the below and create a filling and healthy espresso smoothie that just so happens to be caffeinated.

Vanilla Macaron Espresso
Nut Butter (we used peanut butter )
Milk (we used non-dairy coconut milk)
Chia Seeds
Flax Seeds
Collegen Powder