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Espresso Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate is a classic, a seasonal must have if you will. For us though, we are coffee lovers -- caffeine fiends and we will do whatever it takes for a taste. So as the weather got cooler we thought instead of spiking our hot cocoas with liquor why not spike it with our BFF and energy source, espresso. Espresso Hot Chocolate is incredibly simple to put together. Brew a cup of your favorite hot chocolate. This could be a packet or if you are feeling adventurous some real chocolate and start melting. This next step is the most important. Espresso. Add a shot, or two -- we used one of our dark roasts, Broadway. Next up for additional flavor don't forget a splash of vanilla and marshmallows to top it all off!
This drink makes us feel like adult-children -- sounds bizarre, we know. Yet, who else enjoys a hot chocolate anymore? A warm cup with a splash of caffeine is all we needed. Also, PLEASE don't forget the marshmallows they bring so much joy to the experience.
1 serving hot chocolate
1 shot HiLine Coffee espresso
splash pure vanilla extract
4 large marshmallows (or more, your choice!)