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DIY Latte Art

Latte art is no longer an expertise exclusive to your brooding, hipster barista with the mildly greasy hair and kind of cool retro overalls. You too can become a creator of this mysterious milky art that graces your daily dose. Follow these steps and you can become the Picasso of coffee.

Tools of the Trade:

  • Espresso machine with wand maker 
  • Metal pitcher with a spout – this is a must 
  • Coffee cup (Preferably wide and shallow)
  • HiLine Coffee Espresso Pods


  • Make espresso shot
  • Fill metal pitcher with milk to just before the spout dent. (for best results use cold milk)
  • Aerate the milk for a few seconds making sure to keep the wand near the surface of milk. 
  • Plunge the wand to the bottom of the pitcher and rotate hand in circle to create gentle swirling. Heat until steaming pitcher is hot to the touch. (WARNING: Don’t burn yourself!)
  • Tap the pitcher on the counter and swirl gently by hand to “Groom” the milk. (This pops any large bubbles)
  • Begin latte art by pouring high to start. Tilt your coffee cup as you pour a thin stream of milk into the center of the espresso.
  • Pour low when cup is half full (just above the surface).
  • As a thin foam forms on the surface of your espresso, begin your personalized design by wiggling your wrist back and forth. (Quick motions seem to work best)
  • Finish by slowly tilting the pitcher back and drawing the stream through the center of the design.

Pro Tips:

  • Chill your metal steaming pitcher before you begin. This allows for a better textured milk.
  • Always remember…HEIGHT, POSITION, FLOW. Mastering these three things will result in a gorgeous, dynamic cup of coffee

Like all great art forms practice makes perfect! Keep at it and when all else fails you still get the reward of a delicious cup of coffee. That’s what we like to call a “Win-Win”. Good luck!