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DIY Coffee Body Scrub Recipe

This body scrub is only 3 ingredients and will leave your skin feeling smooth and smelling delicious!

What does it mean to exfoliate your skin? Great question. Using this scrub will remove old dead skin cells and make dry skin look like new again. This is the prime to to work of the dry chapped skin from winter as we move into spring. When exfoliating you want to focus on any chapped dry areas first and work on them gently in a circular motion. Please note that if this is your first time exfoliating to work gently on sensitive skin area first!

We wanted to mention an added bonus of a body scrub that has coffee in it. It has been said that the caffeine in a homemade scrub MAY help reduce cellulite. So all we have to say is -- this time screw decaf!

This 3 ingredient scrub has brown sugar, coconut oil & coffee ground. We used 2 of our HiLine Coffee pods for the Keurig.

1/4 cup Brown sugar
1/4 cup Coconut oil
2 HiLine Coffee Pods

We suggest using this coffee scrub 1-2 times a week but of course, listen to your own skin. Please be sure to leave it in an airtight container! After you use this scrub make sure to moisturize, always.