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Coffee Roasts Demystified

Coffee is delicious, of that we are certain. There are different beans, roasts, brews; techniques, flavors and genres. Here we’ll cover some of the basics of coffee roasts. What they mean, what’s the difference and hopefully you will be better equipped to navigate the world of coffee. Light, medium and dark roasts; what are they, what do their names mean and what is the difference. Here is everything you need to know about depth of flavor and different roasts.

Coffee roasts are identified by their color, hence, Light, Medium and Dark.

Light Roasts

  • Light roasts contain most of the original coffee characteristics
  • Light roasts are often light brown, or tan in color and lack oil on the roasted bean
  • Light roasts have the highest acidity and the brightest flavor

Medium Roasts

  • Medium roasts feature slight traces of oil on the coffee beans due to the longer roasting times
  • Due to the longer roasting medium roasts feature a richer, slightly bitter flavor
  • Medium roasts are generally preferred in the Unites States

Dark Roasts

  • Feature the darkest, oiliest coffee bean
  • Less acidity, pronounced bitterness
  • Bold body, richest taster

When it comes to roasts the biggest difference, you’ll find is that of flavor. Preference is everything! If you like a milder flavor, light roasts are for you. If a rich, pronounced bitterness is more your speed then stick to the darker roasts. 

As for caffeine content, lets bust some myths. Which roast will get you the most caffeinated? Neither! Roast does not necessarily determine caffeine content. HOWEVER! Species does. There are two main bean species in the world, Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is tastier and a bit pricier but Robusta will hit you with the most caffeine, 232 to 800 milligrams of caffeine to be exact.

There you have it – coffee roasts defined. Try each one out and see what your taste buds prefer!