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Coffee Puns You Need for Instagram

Looking for a laugh?! Check out these ten PUNny coffee puns and take the credit next time you are writing your Instagram post.

  • I dropped my entire cup of coffee! What’s sumatra with you?!
  • He took whatever beans necessary to get his morning cup of coffee!
  • Italians are great at making coffee because they naturally tend to espresso themselves.
  • That feeling when you drink so much coffee at work it starts to feel like your daily grind.
  • Don’t discuss coffee with your sensitive friends. The conversation tends to be heated and cause strong debate.
  • We don’t procrastinate. We procaffeinate.
  • Her husband spilled her coffee. This is grounds for divorce!
  • The coffee shop on the corner was robbed the other day. You mean it was mugged?!
  • Two friends were fighting over who would pay for the coffee. It was a bitter end.
  • How do witches get their coffee? They use their brewmsticks!

There you have it! Ten of the funniest coffee puns we could come up with. Let us know if you come up with any knee slappers the next time you’re sipping everybody’s favorite beverage!