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Coffee News, 6/13/2015

Step Out and Smell the Coffee
By Kilian's "Intoxicated," a coffee-tinged unisex scent
With roughly a zillion types of perfume and cologne available -- at least half of which will be sprayed on you unbidden by overzealous salespeople while you're trying to beat a hasty retreat from Macy's -- perfume makers have had to resort to some unusual scents just to get noticed. Some examples promise hints of cut grass and sugar cookies instead of the expected florals and musks. Now By Kilian has introduced Intoxicated, a unisex scent that combines notes of dark roast coffee, patchouli, tobacco, and cinnamon. At a retail price of $270, it's a bit rich for our tastes. We'll stick to Donut Truck medium roast, thanks. Source: NY Magazine's The Cut blog Bodum and Starbucks Sued Over French Press Injuries Two women have filed suit against Bodum and Starbucks, claiming to have suffered puncture wounds after using Bodum French presses. The women visited Portland-area Starbucks locations and purchased Bodum presses. They allege that the metal rods of the presses broke through the press's rubber knob, causing puncture wounds, scarring and nerve damage. This isn't Bodum's first brush with issues of this type; the company recalled nearly 30,000 presses in 2014 due to the glass carafe breaking after falling out of the base. Source: The Washington Times Starbucks' Next Big Competitor Rising in India Starbucks might seem ubiquitous and invincible, but a few overseas chains have proven to be credible competition. Korean chain Caffebene is one recent example, while in India there are more locations of Cafe Coffee Day than Starbucks. Like Caffebene, Cafe Coffee Day is more than just coffee; though it practically introduced coffee culture to the subcontinent, it also boasts a quirky and eclectic menu. What's more, many of the chain's locations have become a hub for social activity in more than 200 cities across the country. With a robust online presence, recent expansion to Malaysia, the Czech Republic and Austria, and a possible IPO in the offing, Cafe Coffee Day is clearly a company to watch. Speaking of watching, you can see Cafe Coffee Day's first ad here:
Source: Business Insider Yes, There Are Coffee Sommeliers.
Erik Liedholm, Seattle's first coffee Sommelier
Erik Liedholm is no stranger to Sommelier duty. After all, the Seattle-area wine maestro, who happens to be the Company Wine Director for the John Howie Restaurant Group, is also a winner of the Somm Slam. He recently admitted to Seattle station KING 5 that he's taken coffee for granted all these years. But no more; at the invitation of Nespresso, Liedholm trained for the company's Coffee Sommelier certification. He credits the program for broadening his horizons. He also notes that many of the same criteria are involved in evaluating wine and coffee, and looks forward to applying his new-found knowledge to give his guests a better coffee experience. Source: KING 5