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Coffee In Your Oatmeal?

You know us. We are always trying to find new ways to enjoy our daily dose of coffee. Is Coffee in your oatmeal doable you ask? Yes it is! We are so excited to share some new creative ways to enjoy coffee with you! Oatmeal is such a hearty breakfast, especially during the cold months! You can jazz up oatmeal a ton of different ways with fruits, veggies and even proteins. But have you ever considered adding caffeine to it? It's rather simple to do and obviously we are on board. Once you swap out part or the whole liquid base with coffee you can still add your favorite toppings. There are a few ways to master this crazy concept. Below are our 3 favorites.
  1. Top it off! Since oatmeal is a perfect warm & cozy breakfast for the season we feel like you guys are making it night and HOT in the morning. Whether you make your oatmeal with water or milk on the stove once it's cooked up put in a bowl and top it off with a splash of hot HiLine Coffee.
  2. A great and more creative way to add coffee to your morning oats would be overnight oats. Overnight oats in a simple recipe of combining raw oats with a liquid. They sit overnight and create a cold oatmeal in the fridge that is ready to eat in the morning. Swap half the amount of milk you would add with coffee! We like to consider this one a overnight oat latte!
    • FACT! You can use this trick for a chia seed pudding too!
  3. You can even go as far as to swap the whole liquid amount with coffee. Now for the caffeine obsessed. This will give you the strongest boldest flavor in your oats. If you like your coffee light & sweet we suggest adding some brown sugar to the final product with some milk on top!
The above are 3 simple ways to add coffee to your oatmeal. We'd love you to get inspired with this and share your recipes & creations with us be using #HiLineCoffee.