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Coffee & Donuts -- Our Match Made in Heaven

...a sweet treat and powerful duo.

Coffee and donuts. The things police officers dream of, but if we’re being honest we do too! Both have a firm place in our hearts due to their complimentary and, of course, delicious nature. Here’s a little cheat sheet if you want to get the most out of both your coffee and donuts.

Coffee in its truest form while wonderfully smooth and flavorful can also be quite bitter (in all the best ways). The best kind of donut for a black cup of coffee is a sweet one. Give a cinnamon sugar donut or a simple glazed a shot with your next cup and indulge in the opposite but complimentary flavors. A good shot of espresso would also perfectly compliment these sweet indulgences as well.

Fruitier, brighter cups of jo will pair nicely with something a little richer. For these particular brews try out a more luxurious flavored donut like maple bacon or a Boston cream. YUM!

Cold brews are perfect for a little extra indulgence! Try your HiLine Coffee cold brew with an ice cream filled donut. The cream in this donut will blend seamlessly with a cold brews smooth after taste.

To get the most out of both flavors be sure not to go with the obvious. Fruitier coffees don’t necessarily lend themselves to a blueberry fritter (But we still probably wouldn’t hate it). When in doubt chocolate loves coffee and coffee loves chocolate and boy do we love both!