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Coffee and Wine -- the perfect pair

There are certain times of day that people enjoy drinking coffee. With breakfast, with lunch, before dinner, with dinner, after dinner... those are just some of our favorite times. Similarly, wine is one of those beverages that is popular at specific times of day, like with breakfast, with lunch, before dinner, with dinner, after dinner -- maybe that’s just us. Can such beloved beverages have a place in time together?

If there is always a time and place for both coffee and wine separately then why not together?! It’s not clear whether the wine and coffee combination has been perfected but there have been a few curious companies that have given it a go. Some mix the liquids with specific reds like cabernets utilizing the rich cabernet grape and skillfully mixing it with espresso coffee and a hint of chocolate.

What is even more common is the use of coffee for wine tastings. Many wines, particularly reds, have notes of espresso and chai in the finish lending themselves to the tasting process. Citruses, spices, chocolate, bitterness, sweetness are all flavors and aspects of both coffee and wine. The secret to success is carefully pairing your coffee wine combos. If you’re interested in giving this a go we recommend a rich dark fruit and cranberry reds or dry citrusy whites with espressos with chai, chocolate undertones and roasts with fruity bouquets.

It’s important to understand that both these beverages have complex flavors that can wonderfully complement one another given the right selection. Experiment with some of your favorite brews and wines and discover some of the hidden flavors of both these iconic beverages.