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Coffee and Beer? The New Thing?

While coffee and beer serve very different purposes, they also share many delicious similarities. Coffee beers have existed for quite some time. In many cases, roasted coffee bouquets compliment those of roasted barley found in many stout beers. Roasted barley has the extremely familiar aroma of fresh roasted coffee beans. Many small breweries have caught onto the complimentary flavors of both these delicious beverages and have started producing their own versions of coffee beers. This creation is a unique intersection in the craft beer category and is a helpful gateway for those who love coffee and want to develop a taste for craft beers.

Dark roast, deep mocha flavors are the more common flavors associated with both coffee and beer, but let’s not pigeon hole ourselves. Some breweries have mastered bringing forward nutty, toffee flavors, in addition to some wonderful fruity and spicy ones. There seems to be multiple options when exploring this popular beverage combination.

To give this combination a go at home try pairing a dark stout beer with a couple ounces of a Dark HiLine Coffee roast or even a cooled down HiLine Coffee espresso shot and some cocoa powder. The addition of the cocoa powder will bring out the mocha flavors in both the beer and the coffee. When mixing the coffee with the stout be sure to slowly add the stout to the cooled coffee to avoid disturbing the beers slight carbonation. Feel free to experiment with measurements to find your preferred combination and ENJOY!