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Chai Frappuccino Recipe

Any Chai Tea fans in the house - hands up! You know how coffee obsessed we are but truly we are caffeine obsessed. So for our Chai Tea drinkers we made a Chai Frappuccino Recipe for you all to enjoy. Feel free to skip the line at your local coffee shop and may this Chai Frapp to-go! To start you will need the below ingredients. You'll be able to find all of these ingredients in your own fridge, minus the Chai Tea Concentrate to make sure you pick that up ahead of time. We've seen the concentrate at some local food chains as well as Target & on Amazon, of course! Like all of our recipes you can play around with the Chai Frappuccino Recipe. A main ingredient you can play around with is the milk. Feel free to try any dairy or non-dairy milk. We are partial to mixing it up - particularly with coconut milk. We like the combo of Chai & Coconut. When you try this recipe out make sure to tag us on Instagram. Below we also added a video recipe for a S'mores Frapp, a coffee based frapp but another fun idea to get your caffeine in with. WHAT YOU'LL NEED for 1 serving - 1 Cup Chai Latte Concentrate - 1/2 Cup Milk - 1 Cup Ice - Sprinkle of Cinnamon - Slash of Vanilla


-Add all pre-measured ingredients to a blender -Blend under the ice is finely ground & pour into a serving glass -Top with whipped cream & fresh cinnamon If you want more Frapp inso make sure to check out our S'mores Frapp which is also in-season! We used the espresso pods for this recipe.